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New Products for 2020

Although Open Enrollment will not begin again until fall, you may be able to enroll now if you’ve recently moved to a new state, if you have lost coverage from another carrier, or under other special circumstances.

Our new Navigator products connect you to a coordinated network of providers, who’ll help you maintain or improve your health through quality care, access, affordability, choice, and in- and out-of-network benefits.

Navigator features in-network providers across our four-state region*, and for urgent and emergent conditions while traveling nationally.

Contact us or your broker to determine availability in your area.

*Ask about service-area details in Washington

Get the health insurance features you want
(but may not even know existed)

Doctors on call

On-demand video or phone-based doctor visits around-the-clock, for the price of an office visit, or less: Get the medical care you need, when and where you need it. Check your plan benefits for availability and cost-sharing details.

Use the doctors and hospitals you want

Our healthcare networks include some of the most well-respected health centers and hospital systems in your community. You’ll get quality care that reflects our focus on top-notch service.

$0 copays on preventive care and select preventive prescription drugs

There is no charge on well baby/well child care, preventive physicals, preventive mammograms, immunizations, preventive colonoscopies, and more, when receiving care from in-network providers. Plus, select preventive prescriptions are available at no charge.

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